Massive Detroit park improvement plan wants your input

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The city of Detroit is spending more than $11 million to rehab parks all over town, but first they want to know what kind of improvements you would like to see.

Over the course of the next two years, the city will be targeting 40 of its parks in the project.

City officials are calling on residents to tell what improvements they want to see in these parks. The first meeting was scheduled for 6 pm Monday in District 7 at Don Bosco Hall

Councilman Gabe Leland is over District 7 and says input from residents is crucial.

"Because they know parks in their community and we want residents to have opportunity to talk about it," he said.

City officials say 10 of the 40 parks will be renovated this year and the remaining 30 next year with upgrading the playscapes with safer, more modern equipment a top priority.

Officials say every district will host a meeting and the meetings are scheduled through mid-April.

For more information about the parks improvement plan, CLICK HERE.