Matt DePerno concedes Michigan AG race to Dana Nessel

Republican Matthew DePerno has conceded the race for attorney general to Dana Nessel, releasing a statement thanking voters for showing up for the candidate.

"Although we didn't emerge victorious tonight, I believe we sent a strong message to Lansing. The people of MIchigan are tired of the rising crime, threats to parental rights and an ongoing lack of trust in government."

While DePerno said he was conceding the race, he also said he would "refuse to concede that Michigan is a blue state. I will continue to fight like hell to restore Michigan to all it can be and I look forward to continuing this journey with you all."

Ironically, DePerno, who was a fierce opponent of the 2020 election results and consistently denied their outcome, conceded the race for attorney general prior to it being called by media outlets. According to unofficial results, Nessel leads DePerno by 300,000 votes - about 7 points.

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Nessel's race was seen as one of the closer statewide campaigns during the tight midterm race. However, Democrats overperformed in many of their races, polls have consistently shown.

She previously worked as an assistant prosecutor in the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office. After leaving that role, she opened her own law firm.

Civil rights issues are a main focus of Nessel's, and she founded the Fair Michigan Foundation. Other issues her campaign highlights includes consumer protection, protection for seniors, environmental protection, health care access, and robocall reductions.