Maurielle Lue as special guest on Steve Harvey's talk show

FOX 2's Maurielle Lue was a special guest on Steve Harvey's talk show this week. She and other anchors from around the country were part of his Straight Talk segment. 

The myth of "the one" is that your partner should fill all aspects of your life. But this method of thinking leads methods of women to dismissing a relationship because their partner doesn't check off all their boxes. In this day and age, there's so many ways to meet people - is there more than one person out there everybody?

That was the question posed to Steve Harvey's panel. You can hear how Maurielle discussed it when she talked about it with us on The Nine afterwards in the video player above. 

"I was nervous [to watch the episode] but I got a cake and pasta," she told us afterwards. She said she was happy with how the appearance went but told us the segment was very heavily edited. 

She says she was on the couch having the discussion for about 20-25 minutes and only about 3-4 minutes of it was on the show.  

"So, next time - now that I know the game plan - I'm just going to go out there and never stop talking," she joked. 

"What I do think is funny," she added, "is that my parents only told other people so they could get the attention. 'Cause I'm calling my mom and my dad after and they're like, 'I gotta go, it's your Uncle Jerry [calling].' And I'm like, 'Well what about me? Did I do a good job?'" 

Lastly, she told us she's getting a lot of questions about Steve Harvey's beard, since he has it on his talk show but not when he's hosting "Family Feud." All she could say to that was that it definitely appeared real.