Mayor imposing auto yard moratorium

Starting April 1st, Detroit will have a one-year moratorium on accepting applications to open new auto scrap and salvage yards in the city, while it looks at its ordinance.

That means no new car repair shops during that time, which is bad news if you're a business owner, especially if its about an auto salvage place right down the street from you.

Members of the Midwest Blight Task Force said "Our problem is over concentration and non compliance." 

In other words, too many auto yards and salvage yards and not enough oversight. 

In response to complaints about a lack of oversight, the city is taking a look at the ordinance over car yards.

The ordinance will be in place from April 1st, 2019 to March 31st, 2020. Companies may possibly need to make upgrades or changes to their businesses. In the meantime, the city is putting the breaks on accepting applications for new businesses that deal in:

  • Used Tire Storage and Sales
  • Used Auto Sales
  • Scrap Iron and Metal Processors
  • Junk Dealers
  • Auto Dismantling and Wrecking
  • Major and Minor Auto Repair

You heard right. No new car repair shops for one full year.

The car repair shops on the up and up have mixed feelings but ultimately, they'll have to accept the consequences that the city has in place. Any businesses already open have 90 days to make sure they're doing what the city requires, or face getting shut down.