Mechanic shot and killed at Inkster gas station

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A man is fatally shot at a Marathon Gas Station Saturday afternoon. 

The Inkster police wouldn’t let the gas station owner give us the surveillance but we were able to look at it. It shows three utility workers wearing fluorescent green vest, standing by a utility vehicle, all of a sudden one of them shoots a mechanic at close range.

“He took a very very strong fall from the video we saw, not sure if he was shot in the head,” Ahamad Awada said, son of the gas station owner.

“They started fighting by hand then follow each other over here, the other guy pulled a gun and killed this guy,” gas station owner Mike Awada said.

It happened outside the Marathon Gas Station on Michigan Avenue east of Middlebelt in Inkster around 3 pm. Police say the man got into an argument that quickly escalated.

“From my understanding was there were 2 utility vehicles parked in this lane and this lane, and their personal vehicle was parked on this lot,” Ahamad said. 

While covering the story Fox 2 spotted a utility truck parked in a nearby restaurant parking lot, the logo on the sign said Creek Enterprises, a contract utility company based out of Tecumseh.

Police aren’t saying much but they do say they have a person of interest in the case and that they are talking to witnesses.

“There's no words to explain what happened today, it was just devastating,” Ahamad said.

“It's sad for a young man to go like this you know,” Mike said. 

We tried calling the number listed for creek enterprise but no one answered the phone.

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