Melendez found guilty of assault, misconduct in office

A jury found former Inkster police officer William Melendez guilty of some but not all charges in connection with a traffic stop assault that happened last January. Melendez was found guilty of assault with intent to do great bodily harm, and guilty of misconduct in office. He was found not guilty on the strangulation charge. You can watch a replay of the verdict reading in the video player above.

Floyd Dent was punched in the head during the stop, as shown on dashcam video. Melendez was fired and the city of Inkster agreed to pay $1.4 million to Dent.

After hearing closing arguments on Wednesday, the jury deliberated for about four hours. They announced earlier on Thursday to Judge Vonda Evans that they were undecided on the strangulation charge, and she sent them back in to continue discussions.

The prosecution said there was no reason for Dent to be pulled out of his car by Melendez and punched repeatedly. They say Dent was not drunk or on drugs, and that he didn't resist or try to get away. Dent contends the cocaine found in his car was planted.

Dent's urine tested positive for cocaine, but a blood test taken hours later was negative.

The defense argued the force used during the traffic stop was reasonable.

After the verdict was read, Judge Vonda called back in Melendez's wife after she left the courtroom before the sentencing date was determined.

"I expected more frmo you," Judge Vonda said to her. "This is your husband and he's dealing with a lot and for you to storm out this courtroom like you're a kid is unacceptable."

Judge Vonda set a sentencing date of December 3 for Melendez.

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