Melvindale police chief suspended by city, questions swirl from residents

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The police chief of Melvindale has been suspended, but officials aren't saying why. Moreso, this is the second time Chief Chad Hayse has been suspended.

Residents showed up at Thursday night's town hall meeting with a lot of questions. They say they deserve to know what happened and why Melvindale's top cop was suspended.

"People were really surprised he was just suspended without notice," says resident Melissa Munroe. "I don't know why it has to be kept secret if he did something wrong to the city," Munroe said.

"Of course I care, but if it is private, that's his right," says resident Diane Wutke.

"We voted you in and we trusted you when we voted you in," says resident Shelia Gulliver. "So why can't you be honest and upfront with us?"

Gulliver was at Wednesday night's heated meeting, where council member Nicole Barnes proposed a motion to suspend the chief.

Hayse chose to go into closed session at the meeting. And when they all emerged, Hayse was off the job with pay.

"He was given a reprimand," says Mayor Stacy Striz. "Andm as part of thatm they can opt whether they want to do it publicly or privately and he has opted to do it privately."

All Mayor Striz revealed to us is that the allegations against the chief are not criminal in nature.

The city has 20 days to hold a hearing with Hayse, where he will be given a chance to respond, and residents hope Melvindale's top cop does.

"In the meantime, everything is closed session and confidential," says Striz.

"They could give us an explanation of what is going on without too much detail," says Munroe. "I think we have a right to know."

FOX 2 spoke to Chief Hayse by phone Thursday night and he declined comment. He said he couldn't say anything until he spoke to his attorney, and we have not yet heard back.

The Public Safety Commission voted to fire him in 2012 when he was interim police chief, but he was later reinstated. Those reasons were never divulged.