Men pistol whip beauty shop employees in Dearborn robbery

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A beauty shop armed robbery leaves three store workers beaten in Dearborn.

Armed robbers charged in wearing masks, but one unmasked suspect is the one who police hope the public recognizes.

Dearborn police say Saturday just as Kay Beauty Supply on Wyoming near Tireman closed for the night five men armed with guns barged in.

"He orchestrated this entire robbery, so it appears in the video," said Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad about the man without a mask.

Inside three young employees were unarmed and willing to do whatever they asked. The masked men chose to beat the young women and threatened their lives.

"They attacked violently, three young women," said a Kimberly, an employee. "They got thrown to the ground, hit in the head; they did tell the one they were going to take her life several times."

The men stole hair, cash from the registers; they took the girls' cell phones, the store phone and forced one employee to the safe.

"It was her second day of work ever," Kimberly said. "She worked that day and got pistol whipped."

Those three employees are doing okay physically Monday, but are too traumatized to return to the store.

Despite the men's violent attack the thieves missed larger bills in the cash register and only nabbed some of the cheapest hair in the store.

The men escaped in a stolen, black Chevy Tahoe. But with the clear picture of the apparent ringleader, police hope it will lead to quick arrests.