Meridian Twp. detective explains dropping 2004 Nassar case because he 'believed his lies'

Police have released the results of an in-depth investigation into how Meridian Township handled a woman's report that Larry Nassar sexually assaulted her during medical examinations.

At 17 years old, Survivor Brianne Randall-Gay was sexually assaulted by Nassar in 2004 as she sought treatment for scoliosis. She went to Meridian Township Police, who dropped the case without sending it to the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office for review after Nassar explained he was performing a legitimate procedure with his hands. Nassar even provided a PowerPoint presentation to explain, which is included in the report.

Randall-Gay requested an investigation into how the case was handled. In the 88-page report, it details that her goal was specifically to "gain an understanding of what transpired in her case so that she could continue her healing process."

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The report says that the investigator focused on answering unanswered questions and filling in gaps related to how and why the first investigation into her 2004 report produced the results it did. 

The report outlines questions and provides answers. Some examples of questions include:

"Question 2: Where and when did Detective McCready interview Larry Nassar? Is there any audio or other records related to this meeting?"

"Question 3: Why did Detective McCready not consult another medical expert or perform any investigation on Larry Nassar's explanation of his "procedure"?"

"Question 4: Is there any record of a meeting with Detective McCready, my parents and Larry Nassar?"

Detective Andrew Mccready said in February of this year that the case was dropped because he "believed his (Nassar's) lies," and that he believed it was a legitimate medical procedure. He said Meridian Township did not have the funds to speak to a doctor.

In February 2018, the Meridian Township Police Department issued a public apology, saying they regret missing the opportunity to stop him more than a decade ago.

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Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for sexually assaulting young women and girls in Ingham County. A total of 265 women and girls have said they were assaulted.

Randall-Gay now lives in Washington state. Meridian Township paid for her to travel to Michigan to testify at Nassar's sentencing in February 2018.

The report is available online here.