Mesmerizing ice disk forms in Michigan river like a big Lazy Susan

It's January in Michigan. That means it's cold - VERY cold - in mid and northern Michigan. It also brings out some of the best parts of mother nature.

On Monday, a spinning ice disk was spotted on the Cedar River, in Gladwin, Michigan. Mary Juneac said her husband was out on a walk when he saw the spinning disc.

He went and got her and she took her phone to get video.

The ice formations are naturally occuring and it's believed they're formed in rivers where there's a circular current that creates a whirlpool effect. 

A similar one spun up in Maine last week that measured about 100 yards wide. The size of the one in Gladwin is not known.

FOX 2 reported on this story from Southfield, Michigan.

Information from the Associated Press and Storyful was used in this report.