Metro Detroit kids have Easter fun at Capuchin Soup Kitchen

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Kids from all over the Metro Detroit area are getting an Easter to remember thanks to generous donors and volunteers.

More than two hundred kids took part in an event at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen location on Conner Street in Detroit on Saturday.

The children colored and decorated some two thousand donated eggs and put them in festive baskets, then filled them with all sorts of candy and treats.

"I'm putting the eggs in the water and basket because it's so fun," said 6-year-old Sevyn Graham.

This is the 15th year organizers have been holding the event as part of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen's Rosa Parks Children and Youth Program. The goal is to give kids alternatives to violence by stimulating their creativity and helping them make good life choices.

"We are trying to do all we can to bring new life to Detroit and that starts with families. So families can have beautiful moments together as a family -- that spreads out to the neighborhoods and schools (and) to the rest of the families," said Sister Nancyann Turner of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

The soup kitchen's Parina Davis-Usher said it's great to be able to hold the event each year.

"To have the opportunity to be a part of something big, something that's greater than yourself and we can help the community, it's always great," she said.

Aside from youth events, the Capuchin Soup Kitchen obviously serves about 2,000 meals a day. For more information about the soup kitchen, visit