Metro Detroit man makes desks free for children in need to learn from home

"A lot of families are at home trying to do work schooling from the kitchen table," said Nate Hawes. "I started Desks by Nate."

So earlier this month. Nate Hawes who works in the commercial construction industry, got an idea. 

"If I can give some kids a dedicated workspace especially kids who can't afford a desk otherwise," he said. "That would be my mission."

So Nate got to work.

"Nights and weekends I spend making desks for kids," he said.

And as this power drill continues to buzz Nate's creation takes shape.

"I've given away 13 so far and there is 35 on the list," he said. "I want to give them a sense of pride in their workspace so they can get their work done and do all the things they need to do." 

You won't find Nate's creation in any store.

"Through Facebook people are reaching out to me saying, 'Hey I need a desk' and I put them on the list," he said.

It's a labor of love worth waiting for.

"The kids are elated," he said. "We have five available color options so the kids get to pick their favorite color. They get to feel like they're their own."

If you would like to know how you can your hands on a desk or how you can expand Nate's mission CLICK HERE.