Metro Detroit snow forecast: How much could fall this weekend

Metro Detroit doesn't fall in the area under a Winter Storm Watch on Friday and Saturday, but the area is still expected to pick up a few inches of snow.

Areas in the Winter Storm Watch zone, essentially everywhere outside of Southeast Michigan, have the chances of seeing the most snow. More than 8 inches is possible, coupled with strong winds.

Southeast Michigan won't get 8 inches of snow, but 2-7 inches is forecasted to fall. Most of the area falls in the 3-7 inch range, while Detroit and other cities around the eastern edge of the state are forecasted to get 2-4 inches.

The snow is expected to start Friday afternoon. Though it starts as snow, it will change to rain heading into the evening. Right now, it isn't clear low long rain will stick around.

That rain could shift the snow number.

Also, highs will be around 39 degrees on Friday. Though the temperature will be above freezing, snow can still stick if the upper levels of the atmosphere are cold enough

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