Metro Detroit tourist suffers health scare in the Dominican Republic

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Natalie Stanley is just one of dozens of tourists sickened while visiting the Dominican Republic.

"When I started to get the appetizers I felt just sick," said Natalie Stanley. "Like my chest was starting to feel real heavy and I was like I can't breathe."

She and her husband traveled there June 9, she fell ill two days later after they went to dinner. He had a beer, she had a mixed drink.

"I told him that there was something seriously wrong with me because I was shaking uncontrollably," she said. "My jaw started clinching and then my pupils were really dilated. Like every 30 minutes I had to run to the bathroom. My husband was like are you really shaking that bad, I'm like yes."

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Natalie and her husband cut their trip short and flew back to the states the next day. At least nine Americans have died in the Dominican Republic over the past year, now the country along with the FBI and CDC are investigating.

"They brought in the FBI to do toxicology analysis to see if there's something going on with the alcohol at different resorts or distribution of alcohol in the Dominican Republic," said David Fishman, Cadillac Travel Group. "They're looking at the different cases to see what has been going on."

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David Fishman heads up the Cadillac Travel Group and says while the stories coming out of the Dominican Republic are tragic, they are also rare.  Even so, international travelers should keep some things in mind.

"Don't ever travel by yourself anywhere, even if it's on resort property, by yourself. especially at night," said David Fishman. "If you put down your drink, you lose track of it, go get another drink. If that bartender doesn't pour that drink for you, don't take it. Don't take a drink from someone that's a stranger."

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As questions mount about what's happening in the Dominican Republic, the Minister of Tourism said in a statement:

"We are confident that we can provide a definitive answer as soon as possible. You can also be sure that the necessary measures will be taken to make the country even safer for all visitors."

"I think that if you're going to go, you should proceed with caution," Stanley said. "However I don't think it's a good idea right now until the investigation is completed."

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