Metro Detroit weather: More rain Thursday before a dry stretch

The end is near! Although not near enough. We're still in the grips of strong low pressure that has left 75,000 customers without power and dropped flooding rains. Check out some of the rain totals so far. 

Rain showers will continue today but to a lesser extent with lower totals. 

The flood watch has been allowed to expire a bit early, but river flooding continues at the Clinton River, the Rouge River, and the Huron River at Hamburg township. All of those are in place until further notice. The rain will come to a close overnight leading to a beautiful and much deserved Friday with mostly sunny skies emerging and temps making a run to 70 in the afternoon. Our weekend will feature a shot of wet weather centered on Saturday morning which should end by the afternoon. All in all a fairly pleasant weekend forecast should hold. 

Looking to next week, mid-level ridging takes hold which should offer up a nice long dry stretch of weather.