Metro Detroit woman receives first total wrist replacement from Henry Ford Health System

Keshia Triplett lived with debilitating wrist pain for more than two decades.

Now, the Harrison Township woman is recovering after receiving Henry Ford Health System's first total first replacement.

Triplett was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She said the pain was so bad that she couldn't clean or hold her grandson.

"I couldn’t hold him for a long period of time," she said.

Dr. Charles Day, with Henry Ford, believed a total wrist replacement, where a bad joint is taken out and a prosthesis is put in, would help alleviate her pain.

"A total wrist replacement allows you to get rid of the pain and maintain motion," Day said.

On May 5, Triplett's surgery was performed. It was the first of its kind at Henry Ford. Previous operations would stop the pain but would prevent the patient from bending their wrist.

Triplett went through physical therapy after her surgery. She said she is now pain-free and able to enjoy spending time with her grandson.

"I can pick him up without it hurting," she said.

Learn more about the procedure here.