Metro Detroit woman: 'We saw hundreds of bodies shot' in Las Vegas'

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Metro Detroiters continue to return from Las Vegas sharing their personal stories about the tragedy.

Thankfully they are okay, but as we all know, that simply is not the case for more than 500 people injured. 59 killed, all of that in nine minutes of chaos from gunman Stephen Paddock. FOX 2  spoke with those metro Detroiters about their experience in Las Vegas.

One local woman did not want her face shown on camera, but shared her story of being in the front row of the Jason Aldean concert.

"I had a guy drop to my legs that had blood that was shot somewhere in the chest, I believe he was dead," she said. "You know, it was the luck of the draw. I think we're still kind of in shock. It is like you can't even believe it, that you got out alive.

"We saw hundreds of bodies shot, bloody, you know, it was just you know, I've never been to war, I can't even imagine. I have two sons in the military and the marines. One went to Afghanistan, I can't imagine what he saw after what I saw."

FOX 2 also spoke with Livonia resident David Susewitz who was also there.

"All of a sudden people started screaming shooter and running and scrambling and crawling on the ground," he said. "Me and my wife went down to the side of the bar to hide because we didn't really know what was going on. It was basically just panic out there.

"A noise went off, people would drop to the ground or just start running because they were just afraid. We didn't know what was going on out there. We didn't know how many shooters. At first we heard it could have been three to four shooters. Then afterwards we heard it was only the one.

"Nobody knew if there were shooters or copycat shooters. That was the scary part."

The investigation into Paddock and whether he was planning an earlier attack in Las Vegas. continues.

Investigators have identified three of the victims in Sunday's shooting.