Metro Detroiters hit the stores for last minute holiday shopping

Parking lots at stores are a little crowded the day before Christmas. 

"I tried Instacart and my shopper took pictures of so many empty shelves," said shopper John Durson. 

That's when Durson knew he had to get out and shop for himself. But, Durson is not alone. 

Anxious to get something he couldn't find, so he's bringing me to see if I like something," said shopper Deborah Marshall. 

The pressure to seek and then find has one couple dashing from one spot to the next. 

"We've been looking for certain items and the big mall stores didn't have them," said shopper Andre Marshall. 

Last minute shopping can present its challenges. 

"Some of the store, we've been in we didn't get in line because they were long outside," Andrew said. 

So, pack your patience - because last minute holiday shopping also includes people rushing to get those must have food items. 

"Just grabbing some groceries for today, tomorrow and the day after," said shopper Michael Franklin. 

Move over ham and turkey, this holiday dinner table has a new treat. 

However, some shoppers just need last minute items to complete that holiday spread. 

So if you're hitting the road or grabbing a last minute item, these shoppers say don't lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas 

"It's about the Man up there and His birth," said shopper Reginald Jackson.