Metro Detroiters react to bowling alleys and movie theaters reopening

“I missed it,” said bowler James Flanders.

Flanders has been bowling for more than 50 years, so the past several months have been tough, since bowling alleys have been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It had me pulling my hair out, the little I have left,” Flanders said.

But, bowling is finally back. On Friday, Bowling Alleys were allowed to open back up to all bowlers. League bowlers were allowed to return 2 weeks ago.

“The bowlers are all coming back, this is the best thing that could have happened,” said Penny Breen with Astro Lanes in Madison Heights.

While every other lane is open at the Madison Heights bowling alley, you do have to wear a mask when you’re walking around, but it’s not required while bowling.

“There’s not that many people,” said bowler Ayden Wagner. “We were kind of spread out too. I feel like it was very safe.”

And this excitement travels through movie theaters too, because they were also allowed to reopen.

“I’m a regular movie goer, that’s why I could not wait,” said movie goer Gail Clark.

While movies have been streaming on Netflix and other platforms for the past several months, some say the in person experience is irreplaceable.

“There’s nothing like the experience,” Clark said. “Seeing it, and listening to the special affects is just breath taking.”