Mich. prison guard shoots prisoner to stop weekend fight

A guard shot a prisoner at a prison in western Michigan during an outdoor fight between inmates, the Corrections Department said.

The shooting occurred Sunday at Michigan Reformatory in Ionia County, 40 miles east of Grand Rapids.

Prisoners classified one step below maximum security were fighting in two yards. Warning shots were fired, but the fighting continued.

"In order to prevent serious physical injury to a prisoner on the ground, a tower officer shot one of the prisoners in the right tricep. ... There were no serious injuries to staff or prisoners," the Corrections Department told employees.

Testing for the coronavirus at the prison was postponed Monday as a result of the incident.

Also on Monday, the State reported more than 500 new cases of COVID-19 in Michigan prisons. 

The State said 513 of the 773 new cases reported were found in prisons, due to enhanced testing now at the Michigan Department of Corrections facilities.