Michigan AG Dana Nessel gave updates on Nassar, Flint, clergy probes

Much of the same rhetoric that Dana Nessel used on the campaign trail to the Attorney General was heard Thursday afternoon. Speaking to reporters, the Michigan Attorney General gave an update on the state's three biggest investigations; Flint, clergy and Nassar.

All three of the cases began during former Bill Schuette's tenure as the Attorney General. Nessel continued her criticism of him during the press conference.

"It was bizarre to me that you would farm out some of the biggest prosecutions that we've ever had in the history of this state to a private firm with virtually no oversight by the office of the Michigan Attorney General," said Nessel.

Nessel plans to continue working with Todd Flood, who was hired by Schuette to investigate the Flint Water Crisis.

Regarding the clergy sex abuse of children, Nessel recommended that any parishoners approached by the church conducting its own investigation to ignore them. Concerned they may not speak to the state following an interview with the church, she recommended shutting the door on them.

"Please ask to see their badge and not their rosary," said Nessel.

She drew parallels with the church investigation and the MSU Larry Nassar case - noting that both institutions had promised to cooperate with the state, and have failed to do so.

"If MSU wants to get to the root of the problem, it must right the ship," she said. 

That statement follows reports that the university has failed to hand over 6,000 documents that a judge has deemed important to the investigation.

"It would make sense for the MSU Board of Trustees to waive that privilege," said Nessel.

All three probes continue, with no end in sight.