Michigan apples: Here's when your favorite varieties will be ready

(Image by lumix2004 from Pixabay) (Image by lumix2004 from Pixabay )

Apple harvesting time in Michigan is starting.

If you're looking to enjoy a Mitten grown apple, here's when you can expect your favorite varieties to be ready this season, according to the Michigan Apple Committee.

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Apple harvest schedule:

  • Aug. 23: Paula Red – Pleasingly tart
  • Aug. 26: Ginger Gold – Sweet-tasting, with a hint of tartness. Stores well
  • Sept. 5: Gala – A soft bite over a mellow sweetness
  • Sept. 7: McIntosh – Juicy with a lightly tart flavor
  • Sept. 15: Honeycrisp – Sweet as honey, with a crisp bite
  • Sept. 23: Jonathan – A crisp, spicy tang that blends well with other apples
  • Sept. 29: Jonagold – A must-try
  • Sept. 30: Golden Delicious – A gingery-smooth taste. Known for its sweetness
  • Oct. 2: Ambrosia – Sweet and refreshing, floral notes with low acidity
  • Oct. 3: Red Delicious – Full-flavored sweetness
  • Oct. 9: Fuji – Crisp and sweet
  • Oct. 12: Ida Red – Tastes tangy and tart. Great for sauces and pies
  • Oct. 12: Rome – Excellent for baking
  • Oct. 24: Braeburn – Firm apple with spicy-sweet flavor. Stores very well
  • Oct. 25: Evercrisp – Sweet, juicy and firm. Packs a powerful crunch
  • Oct. 31: Cripps Pink – Pinkish skin with crisp, juicy flesh. Tart with a sweet finish