Michigan, Department of Veterans Affairs announce partnership making it easier to vote

On National Voter Registration Day the state announced a partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

"We’re going to be providing voter registration information and assistance to veterans and their dependents at some VA facilities across the state," said Angela Benander.

It allows for quick access to vital information, said Benander, the deputy chief of communications for SOS.

"It’s really part of the department’s efforts to meet people where they are, and make sure that we’re taking every opportunity to bring state government services to the people. And the VA is a place where veterans spend a lot of time," she said. "It’s just a part of the importance of making sure that Michiganders who have served our country, have every opportunity to help determine its future."

Through the partnership, VA facilities across Michigan will implement and expand programs to help military vets and eligible dependents with voter registration about how to participate in elections.

"Because everyone lives busy lives it’s not always obvious where, when, or how we should go about trying to find the right information," she added.

And although this effort is to help military vets for the coming Election Day, state officials hope this initiative sends a key message to all eligible voters about exercising their right to vote.

"Your vote is your voice and everyone who is eligible should take the time to make sure that they’re registered for Nov. 8 and visit Michigan.gov/vote to see what you need to do," Benander said.