Michigan Environmental Council: Send us your old coastal dune photos

How you dune? 

That question is top of mind for the Michigan Environmental Council, which is on the hunt for your old photos of Michigan's coastal dunes. Part of a study looking at migration habits of the sandy mounds, the MEC is trying to help scientists get a better idea of how the sandy shores of Michigan have changed over time.

One of the state's newest attempts to incorporate citizen science into the process, they've provided some simple steps for anyone interested:

  1. Locate historic photos of Lake Michigan's coastal dunes that are at least 25 years old.
  2. To the best of your ability, pinpoint the time and place of that photograph. The more the exact the better. The MEC recommends using landscape features or utilizing the GPS function on Google and Apple Maps.
  3. Upload the photos and submit them through an online form here.