Michigan ice storm leaves behind scenes of beauty on Belle Isle

As it turns out, there was beauty behind all that ice that froze the southern portion of Michigan this week - you just had to know where to look.

Drone footage of Belle Isle after the ice storm Wednesday showed the tree canopies and grassy floors of the green space covered in layers of ice.

Some could even call it Pure Michigan.

An iconic Michigan location and the still beauty that surrounded it is part of the reason. The strangeness of the weather this week also can't be counted out. 

This week, the southern portion of counties in Michigan got hit with a wintry mix of rain, sleet, and snow, depending on where someone lived at the time. The variability of the weather was dramatic - as was the aftermath that left more than half a million residents without power. 

It was too cold to rain and too warm to snow, so much of Southeast Michigan instead got something in between - freezing rain that coated surfaces in Metro Detroit with ice as thick as three-quarter inches. 

It made for treacherous conditions, especially if you were a DTE power line

It also made for scenes of beauty, like what was spotted in Michigan's state parks.