Michigan K-12 students could take medical marijuana on school premises under new bill

Students enrolled at K-12 schools in Michigan would be allowed to take medical marijuana and CBD-infused products under new legislation introduced last week.

The bill, introduced by Democratic representatives in the Michigan House last week, would make it legal for students to ingest edibles, beverages, and other products with low amounts of marijuana while on school grounds or on a school bus. 

A designated staff member would be authorized to administer the product. Those allowed to ingest would have written permission that specifies when it can be administered and who can receive it. Such examples include rescue medication to relieve or prevent symptoms.

The goal would be to expand student access to medical marijuana if the pupil is qualified to receive the substance.

It's the latest example of how the state is adapting its policy to better fit the landscape of drugs that are both legal and not legal in Michigan. Another bill introduced in September seeks to decriminalize psychedelic plants

It also updated its drug-testing policy for some new-hires this month.

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HB 5603 was referred to the Committee on Regulatory Reform on Sept. 28.

It also specifies instructions for transporting and storing the product, directing it to be treated like the pupils' other medications. 

Medical marijuana was legalized in Michigan in 2008. The state legalized recreational pot for adult use in 2019.