Michigan launches website for aging residents

LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Several state agencies teamed up to launch a new website offering easy access to information about services available to aging Michigan residents.

The Aging & Adult Services Agency with the Department of Health and Human Services developed the website with help from the Department of Management and Budget and other key agencies involved with the state's aging programs and services. It went live on Monday.

"The state, in partnership with local aging agencies and service providers, offers numerous high-quality programs and services that can help older adults maintain their independence as they age," Aging & Adult Services Agency Director Kari Sederburg said in a statement. "The state's new aging website was developed to be the best place to go to quickly find out what types of services are available, and which agency you need to call to see if you qualify."

In 2014, Gov. Rick Snyder tasked the Aging & Adult Services Agency and the Department of Management and Budget with creating a website that would connect residents with local aging programs and services.

"This new website is another step toward achieving Governor Snyder's overall mission of creating a citizen-centric government," said Department of Management and Budget Director and State Chief Information Officer David Behen. "This one site will quickly connect older Michiganders with services they need, without having to navigate through multiple government agencies."

Over the past several months, the agencies worked to develop the website, with a focus on organization and user experience.

Link: www.michigan.gov/aging