Michigan law would lower the legal limit for driving under the influence

"It was a living death for Andy on a daily basis. Seeing him lying there unable to move, talk, walk, eat, do anything."

And for the next 19 years, Andy Lefko was a quadraplegic after being struck by a drunk driver nearly 20 years ago. Now his mother, Diane Wasson is trying to spare some other family the same pain she was left following her son's injury.

"Something's gotta be done," Wasson said.

That something is reducing the legal blood alcohol level limit that one can drive with.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is getting behind state Representative Abdullah Hammoud in his push to lower the drunk driving limit from a .08 to .05. 

"From 2016-2017 in Michigan the drunk driving fatalities in Michigan went up 32 percent. Overall fatalities on our roads were down. That shows us right there what we're doing is not working," said Angel Harris

Harris works with drunk driving victims and their families. She said most people are considered impaired when their blood alcohol concentration reaches the .05 limit.

"The level itself is a very safe and fair level. If you go after work and have a drink, you won't be at .05," she said.

Both Bobbi and Michael Golden of Ferndale issued their support for lowering the BAC limit.

"When we go out for a few drinks, if I want a drink he's the DD and vice versa," said Bobbi.

MADD is also getting behind another Hammoud Bill that requires ignition interlocks for all drunk drivers. Right now, it's only an obligation for "superdrunk offenders" - people whose BAC was more than double the current legal limit.

This is the first time in MADD's history they're getting behind an effort to lower the drunk driving limit. As for legislation that would make it happen, the next step is to push for a hearing - to get it before a committee. After that, a floor vote.