Michigan lawmaker has online petition to stop sanctuary cities

A Michigan lawmaker is taking a stand against so-called sanctuary cities in the state including Detroit.

These are cities where the police departments have adopted a policy of refusing to ask about a suspect's immigration status -- that is, whether they're here legally, or illegally. 
Detroit and Ann Arbor embraced the policy back in 2007.

But the issue has new urgency after the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco. The illegal immigrant who confessed to shooting her, has a long criminal record and has been deported five times.

"The law enforcement in those cities don't turn the illegals over to ICE, which is our agency for dealing with illegals," said Kowall."We don't know what we're dealing with a lot of times in those situations. 

"So we have potential problems with drug smuggling, human trafficking, a variety of different things."

State Sen. Mike Kowall is introducing a bill this week in Lansing that would withhold state funding from cities like Detroit, with sanctuary policies.

Kowall has also started an online petition to gather support for his bill. CLICK HERE: http://www.signtostop.com/