Michigan lawmakers could face recall over gun safety legislation

Efforts from the pro-gun lobby to recall state lawmakers who have supported gun safety legislation are not going away -- but they're not ready to announce the recall list, yet.

In mid-April, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed two gun safety bills into law that deal with mandatory safe storage rules and universal background checks.

The two bills that Whitmer signed included these two main issues:

Safe Storage: If you own a gun or if a minor is expected to be in your home, a gun owner will be required to lock their weapon away
Background checks: Someone purchasing a firearm at a gun show or through a private sale will need to have their background checked regardless of how they are buying it

The governor lauded the acts but the fight from the pro-gun lobby crowd isn't over. They're planning a recall over lawmakers who voted in favor of the bill.

Earlier this year, Brenden Boudreau from the Great Lakes Gun Rights group issued a warning that lawmakers - regardless of their political party - who voted for gun legislation could face a possible recall. His argument in support of the recalls is that more laws are not needed.

"There's this idea that we need more laws to solve all of society's ills but yet the very laws that are on the books don't do what they're supposed to do," Boudreau said.

The recall warning was four months ago, but there's been no word on what's happening with that - until now.

An inside source reports "there is a hunger to recall lawmakers" and the recall effort is quietly being developed. The last time a lawmaker was ousted from office it was Rep. Paul Scott in 2011.

Since then lawmakers have made it more difficult for recallers to remove anyone.

As for who would be most likely to be on the list? That's those lawmakers who narrowly won the election last time as they're seen as vulnerable.

If only a few Democrats are booted out of office, it could threaten their control of the legislature.

The gun lobby is not talking, but one source says it is trying to decide who is on the list and there should be a decision by late summer.