Michigan lawmakers pass $81.7 billion budget; $19.4 billion for schools

Late Wednesday night, the Michigan Senate approved a statewide budget that includes a record-level funding allocation for schools. After clearing the Michigan House earlier in the week, the massive funding package now heads to the governor's desk.

Passing the senate by a 26-10 vote, the $81.7 billion plan would send $15.2 billion to the general fund and $19.4 billion for schools. It cleared the house earlier on Wednesday ahead of the summer recess.

In a statement late Wednesday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer applauded the collaboration and what the budget would do for the state.

"It lowers costs on health care, preschool, meals for kids, higher education, housing, and workforce training," she said. "It will help us keep fixing the damn bridges, replacing lead pipes, and protecting public safety."


The package increases per-pupil funding by 5% - $458 - for a total allocation of $611 million for schools. The rainy day fund also got a bump with a $450 million deposit.

There is also hundreds of millions of dollars for mental health and school safety, expanding pre-k for kids, and helping keep kids at risk of slipping through the cracks in school. 

Another $160 million would go to free breakfast and lunch programs for all public school students

Economic development

The budget, which Whitmer dubbed the ‘Make it in Michigan’ plan sends $500 million into a state fund intended to help draw in large-scale projects. Another $350 million was allocated for drawing down federal money.

There's also $1.5 billion coming from a new broadband expansion bill courtesy of Congress to help provide internet to hundreds of thousands of people.

Public Safety

More than $170 million is going to communities around MIchigan in the form of public safety grants. Another $34 million will aid juvenile justice reform and help broaden the work of the office with oversight of the child welfare system.

There's also $30 million heading to cameras on freeways in Detroit, as well as millions for boosting law enforcement raining, and improving the Selfridge AIr National Guard Base.