Michigan-made Dirty Girl Farm skin care line offers healthy alternative

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Growing up on her Davison farm, Heather Rosencrantz says she was always dirty.

"A rural Davison out in the country dirty girl," she said.

Heather's love of nature didn't end there - at the University of Alaska she studied botany, then moved home and started growing herbs and plants she soon turned into all natural products.

"It was very small, very rural," she said. I was making products at home, skin care products. A friend says why don't you do something with it get it out of the house and sell it."

At first every weekend she would travel back and forth to the Royal Oak Farmer's Market selling her wares out of her truck. But popularity of her products would grow and Heather turned her passion into profit, launching Dirty Girl Farm.

"This is what started everything," she said. "That was my first, that was my daughter’s favorite, because it was green, it was salve. She would get a little cut on her head, put a little on it."

From her "Boo-boo balm" to skin care remedies to anti-aging skin products and everything chemical free in between. Even the packaging is eco-friendly. The Dirty Girl products are inspired by her customer's needs.

"We just keep manifesting these allergies with more GMO products," she said. "We don't do any of that here. We are going back to the simple types of things.

"Natural things that weren't going to harm our kids skin and loaded with chemicals synthetic that you couldn't pronounce."

Everything used in her products - grown in the US and plant-based products made in her private lab. 

"The 'Wild violet eye' cream is one of the first skin care items ever made," Heather said. one of the products I was using when I was in green house using to protect my skin.

A woman who built her now a booming apothecary business from the dirt ground up and you can find it on line every weekend at the Royal Oak Farmers Market.

"Fantastic and I love it now," she said. "Because so many people are into chemical free allergen free too."

For more information, go to https://dirtygirlfarm.com/