Michigan moms prepare for DC trip to demand change

A Michigan mom and activist is hoping to lead a delegation of women from Detroit to DC in a march for racial justice next month but they need a little help to get there.

Andrea Thompson is the founder and CEO of Black Mothers Matter, Michigan. She met with other mothers Wednesday to plan ahead for the march in DC in August and say they feel heartbroken, scared, frustrated, and beyond exhausted after seeing the brutal killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police in May.

"We're demanding for police killings to stop in America. We are demanding for our black men to stop being killed," she said. "Scary times we're living in. People are afraid of my black son simply because of his skin color."

Thompson led the Detroit Literacy Lawsuit against the State of Michigan alongside her son is hoping to make history again. She's leading a call to action trip to the nation's capital next month to support black mothers and those affected by police brutality. It's being called "Get Your Knee Off Our Necks." 

"I'm hoping that I can go to this March and, for at least a moment, feel safe," she said.

Thompson planning to join black mothers from across the state and take a bus to Washington, DC. She'll be joined by mother and co-founder of Educators4RealChange, Valencia Cade.

"Don't tell me we can't do something different. Yes, we can," Cade said. "I could not even imagine losing a child especially to the hands of violence by people who were sworn to protect and serve."

August 28th will be a day of action to demonstrate their commitment to fighting for equity in education, policing, and criminal justice. Thompson and Cade are sick of seeing the school-to-prison pipeline play out and tired of worrying their sons could be killed on a daily basis.

"It's very frustrating as a mother to try to say to your child that they're free but they're not free. He cannot walk down the street and a hoodie. I told my son and grandsons don't put your hands in your pocket," Thompson said.

They have a goal of getting at least 50 black mothers to the capitol to gain strength and unity. When they come back, they will continue their fight against systemic racism and work with educators, lawmakers, and our governor.

They need a little help to get there and will need food, water, PPE, sanitizer, and more. Find their GoFundMe page here if you want to donate.