Michigan nurse helping patients fight coronavirus devastated when home burns down

A Michigan nurse who works the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic has now been dealt an excruciating blow: the home for the family of seven burned to the ground on Sunday.

Sarah Lauback is the Director of Nursing at a nursing home in Montrose, northwest of Flint. She lives in Holly in Oakland County and is fighting the coronavirus and keeping people safe and healthy. Her husband, David, is a corrections officer and is doing his part to help as well. But the family has a new battle.

Early Monday morning, the family woke up to smoke and flames coming from the attic.

"I said everybody get out of the house, let's go, and we just got everybody out of the house at that point by the time we got out of the house - it was minutes - and the whole top of the house was on fire," David said

Thankfully, all seven family members made it out but their home near Dixie Highway and Perryville Road in Holly is a complete loss.

"We are thankful none of our kids were in it but everything we worked for went up in flames. My children pretty much lost everything they had," Sarah said.

In the middle of the global pandemic, the family needs help to get back on their feet and are asking for donations through a GoFundMe, set up by Sarah's brother.

"There's been so many people that don't even know us that have given to us - it's just amazing. I don't know I've never seen that before so thank you to everybody that has tried to help us," David said.

For more information and to help the family, check out the GoFundMe page here.