Michigan Power Outages: Bad weather knocks out power to another 81K homes, DTE and Consumers says

Persistent power outages are continuing to cause issues for tens of thousands of homes in Southeast Michigan, nearly a week after an ice storm knocked out electricity for more than half a million people living in the area.

According to DTE, approximately 14,000 customers still don't have power due to Wednesday's storm. But the utility company's map reports more than 52,000 customers still don't have power. The outages are dotted all around the region, hitting spots in Roseville, Inkster, and West Bloomfield. 

A spokesperson for DTE said the remaining 37,000 outages "that came in over the weekend or due to last night's weather." 

The map shows more than 5,000 outages in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, more than 10,000 in southern Wayne County, and another 5,000 outages in both northern Detroit and northern Oakland County. 

Consumers reported similar trends after a second storm hit the west side of Michigan, interrupting power for 45,000 customers. Most of those outages will be restored by the end of Wednesday, the provider said. 

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The extra outages come on top of the 260,000 homes and businesses serviced by Consumers Energy that lost power after last week's storm. The majority of the outages followed a string of counties across southern Michigan.

With wind gusts forecasted for Tuesday and potential snowfall at the end of the week, Mother Nature may have no intention of giving energy companies a break. 

DTE has said it will be providing $35 automatic credits to customers who lost power from their ice storm. 

How to check DTE's outage map

DTE is tracking the outages with its outage map that updates as power outages are reported. Find the DTE Energy map here.

DTE services much of Southeast Michigan and tracks outages based throughout the area. On the company's page, it will enclose businesses and residents in different shades. Purple indicates 99 or fewer customers without power, green is 100-500, yellow is 501-1,500, orange is 1,501 to 2,500, and red is 2,501 or more.

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On the outage map, you can search by address to see if there's an outage in your neighborhood. If you're experiencing an outage and it's not listed on DTE's site, you can report it by clicking ‘report outage’.

Also on DTE's map, you can report a downed power line, review the status of your outage, which includes when it will be estimated to be restored.