DTE giving automatic $35 credits to some customers who lost power from ice storm

Some DTE Energy customers who were without power for days after last week's ice storm will get an automatic credit.

DTE Vice President Ryan Stowe said customers who didn't have power for more than 96 hours will get a $35 credit applied to their account. Usually, it is a $25 credit. Stowe said the company will look at which meters were out for this period to determine who gets the credits.

Typically, customers who qualify for credits must apply for them. When asked if the company will start making credits automatic, Stowe said it is something they have been looking into, but that in the future customers will still need to apply, for now.

On Monday, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel pushed the company and Consumers Energy to make credits automatic and provide more money to help people who lost food or needed to stay in a hotel during a power outage.

 While these credits will be automatic, here's the requirement for applying for credits after future outages:

  • An outage of more than 120 hours under "catastrophic conditions" which include events that result in either an official state of emergency or an event that interrupts power for more than 10%of the utility
  • An outage of more than 16 hours under non-catastrophic conditions
  • Eight or more outages within a 12-month period. Once credit is received, the 12-month period resets.