Michigan reacts to air strike in Syria

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As millions of Syrians flee their country during a 6-year civil year, Fox 2 spoke with many around Michigan on how they feel about Thursday night's air strike.

Zabbia Alholou has family who live all over Syria.

"They were a little devastated. None of us thought that this was going to happen. They're not that far away. Our village porters ISIS, so they were more scared implications of this air strike strengthening ISIS in the area," she said.

Following the U.S. military strike in retaliation for the government's chemical weapons attack on its own people, including women and children, this Metro Detroiter is doing everything possible to stay in contact with the people she loves.

"We've been talking to them all day to make sure ISIS around them hasn't taken advantage as well. As of right now, they've been safe," she said.

Fox 2 is also getting reaction from the Syrian American Council and Michigan lawmakers, who all seem to agree more dialogue is needed before any further military action is taken.

U.S Representative Sandy Levin says the actions of President Trump to authorize this military strike on Syria is a 180 from his earlier statements, going on to say quote:

"Such a reversal demonstrates plainly why it is so critical to fully understand the President's further plans for engagement in Syria."

Flint Congressman Dan Kildee says:

"The people I represent deserve a debate in Congress over the scope, size and strategy of any additional military action in the Middle East."

Meanwhile, the president of the Syrian American Council is worried about a repeat of history.

"I don't want to have the same problem we have in Iraq. That's what I'm worried about," Zak Kalaf said.

"We just sit around and pray. We're just hoping that everything gets better," Alholou said.