Michigan Rep. Levin leads efforts to push businesses to leave Russia amid Ukraine war

Lawmakers are pushing companies to stop doing business in Russia amid the Ukraine war.

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Michigan Rep. Andy Levin (D-Bloomfield Township) is leading the initiative, called Stop Profits for Putin: Responsible Businesses Should Exit Russian Markets. 

"Far too many companies are digging in, they're refusing to leave Russia despite the fact that their continued operations provide critical sources of revenue to the Putin regime," Levin said. "Simply put, companies that refuse to withdraw or cease operations in Russia are aiding and abetting Putin's war making capacity."

The resolution condemns companies that refuse to stop doing business with Russia, except those providing lifesaving or health-related services.

"It is a global effort. It isn’t just America," said Borys Potapenko of the Ukrainian American Crisis Response Committee.

Potapenko lives in Metro Detroit, but he is on his way to Ukraine to aid family and friends who are fighting for their country. He said he thinks the push is a reasonable ask given what is happening.

"Just to have the will to follow through on our convictions, and I think that this boycott of corporations and pressuring them is something that every single person can do something about," he said. "Let’s mobilize and let's get this done."