Michigan Rep. Steve Marino calls domestic abuse claims 'politically motivated character assassination'

Michigan Rep. Steve Marino (R-Harrison Township) released a statement Thursday after another lawmaker accused him of domestic abuse.

Rep. Mari Manoogian (D-Birmingham) made the allegations in a statement. Marino was removed from his committee assignments Wednesday.

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"I had a relationship that ended well over a year ago with Representative Amara Manoogian. She served on a committee that I chaired. I regret the fact that I went along with her request to not disclose the prior relationship to the Speaker," Marino's statement read. "However, I will be clear: the insinuations made are nothing more than politically motivated character assassination that I am confident will conclude as a waste of the public's time. I look forward to fulfilling my duties and maintaining the trust I've worked so hard to build during my seven years in public office."

A spokeswoman for Michigan State Police said they are looking into a complaint filed against Marino which they received late Tuesday, but would not provide further details.