Michigan residents at Trump rally talk about event descending into bedlam

Metro Detroiters were among the thousands in Washington DC in support of President Donald Trump today. Some even say they had a front-row seat as the demonstrators entered the nation's Capitol.

Those like Jennifer Hendrix experienced it. 

"They broke the doors down and I was right up there and I was like oh my gosh," Hendrix said.

She described it as mob mentality saying once the first step was taken beyond the barriers - there was no turning back. 

"Then the police all started storming up to us and there was nowhere for us to move," she said. "It was so packed up there on the steps. I was just taking pictures from there, but I got down it was getting scary."

Rob Cortis, the owner of Michigan's own "Unity Bridge" has been to dozens of Trump rallies over the years. He was in the streets of DC just feet away from the Capitol, when he heard what prompted the mob of people to move in. 

"They said Pence didn't support Trump so they just started rallying and said they are going in," Cortis said.

This was referring to the vice president's refusal to block the election certification of Joe Biden.  Then he learned about the violence inside the capitol including a woman being shot to death. 

"Never in a million years would I think that would happen," he said. "I pray that it was an accident and nothing of intention."

Partricia Bomer is in DC with a group of Michigan Trump supporters, attending the president's rally.

"We were not here protesting. We are at a peaceful rally for Trump," she said. "What are they protesting for. We were there to stop the steal peacefully."

She says she was heading back to her hotel. When she, like others in the area got a message of a curfew in DC.

"(A) shutdown from 6 at night to 6 a.m. in the morning, that means only essential workers, police officers or people like that can come out. If we go out in the street guess what, we are going to jail."

She said at that point, her concern was the safety and well being of her kids who are in DC.