Michigan State Police says man with warrant had MSP badges, may have impersonated trooper

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The Michigan State Police said when they served an outstanding warrant Thursday morning, the suspect wanted had multiple MSP badges and police believe he have tried to present himself as a trooper.

MSP says they served a search warrant Thursday around 7:30 at a home in the 9100 block of Maplewood Drive in White Lake. MSP was there to arrest a 42-year-old man, who they are not identifying. 

As MSP searched the home, they said they found MSP badges, ammunition and other illegal items in the home.

They did not offer any more information about what was found. They did, however, release photos of the man, including Snapchat pictures that show the man in an MSP t-shirt wearing a badge.

"We found numerous Michigan State Police badges, patches, paraphernalia, some things that you may use to present yourself as a trooper," said Lt. Michael Shaw, Michigan State Police. "Our badges are pretty tough to get. are pretty tough to get but the ID card is what gives me my authority to actually carry a weapon, things like that - it's not my badge.

"Our badges we make them pretty hard to get. The fact he had two, even though one was the wrong color, is very concerning for us."

State police say they also found guns and ammunition inside the home.  The man's neighbors find the news shocking.

A neighbor said that the people who live in the area "thought he was a cop."

The woman who did not want to be seen on camera said the man lives at the residence with his three daughters.

Investigators want FOX 2 viewers to take a good look at this guy. Has he ever tried to pull you over or gain favors by presenting himself as a state trooper? If so, contact Michigan State Police at 248-584-5740.

"We're starting to see a small uptick in police impersonation," said Shaw. "It is important for the public to know what to do as well. And we're hoping that they will kind of be more careful when they are dealing with things like that."

State police say they only use marked cars for traffic stops and if a plain clothes trooper pulls you over, he or she will always have an official ID card with their picture on it.

They say to follow your gut instinct, if something feels off, call 911 to make sure the person stopping you is a real officer.

MSP detectives say it's possible the man was presenting himself as a state trooper to gain influence from the public. Detectives ask anyone who may have been stopped or involved in a traffic stop to come forward.