Michigan store manager fired for callous texts denying mom time off to be with son on life support

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A manager at PS Food Mart in Michigan was fired after a manager improperly handled an employee's time-off request. (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)

A Michigan woman requested time off to be with her son on life support, but when she did she got an unsympathetic boss who has now been relieved of her duties.

Crystal Reynolds Fisher works at PS Food Mart in Albion and last week, she told her boss that she needed to take some time off to be with her son who was on life support. Her boss responded and said she was accepting this as Crystal's resignation.

She posted a screenshot of her text exchange with her boss where she said her son was on life support and she needed time off until he got better.  She said she texted two days before she was supposed to be in for work but her manager, identified only by her first name of Dawn in the screenshot, said "That isn't how we do things, so I'll accept that you're quitting".

Crystal told FOX 17 that her son Jason, 18, was rushed to the hospital on Thursday after his temperature spiked to 104 degrees and he had “low oxygen.”

The manager later said that there is no reason the woman couldn't come to work she "will not tolerate drama". 

Crystal responded: "Ok this is not a eye doctor app or a dentist app, this is my child's life that we r talking about, he is on life support!!!!"

Fisher said she was told her son had a bacterial infection and that he would have to be placed on life support. 

When Crystal threatened to call corporate, her manager said she can't work because 'to much drama' (sic) and then gave her the number to PS Food Mart corporate.

Crystal's Facebook post has been shared 73,000 times and on Monday, PS Food Mart responded to the incident by firing the manager and assuring Crystal that her job was safe:

"We’d like to follow up on the issue brought to our attention recently regarding how an employee time off request was handled by one of our managers. We investigated and have found that the situation was handled improperly and without the compassion that we value as a company. For that, we are very sorry.

As a result of this finding, we took quick action and that manager is no longer employed by PS Food Mart. We have also reaffirmed to our employee that she will be able to take all the time off that she needs during this difficult period. We’d like to thank the public for their concern.

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