Michigan superintendent, principal on how they came up with their singing snow day announcement

Their school closing announcement made them overnight internet sensations. Now FOX's Ryan Ermanni got a chance to meet the Swartz Creek superintendent and high school principal who went viral. 

"It wasn't anything we set out to do. We're just glad that people are having fun with it and hopefully brighten their day a little bit," said Superintendent Ben Mainka.

"My wife kleeps making sure that my head doesn't get big," principal Jim Kitchen said. "It feels the same. We get lots of emails now and responding to those is fun. It's just a great honor and I'm humbled by all this."

Swartz Creek HS sings rendition of Hallelujah to announce snow day

The part of what made the song so special is the new lyrics.

"I heard about a winter storm, it's cold and dreary, stay home stay warm, it's a cold and snowy winter morning"
"It's goes like this, when the snow hits, the buses can't get out of it, it's a cold and snowy winter morning"
"It's a snow day, a winter cold day, stay home and just play, it's a great family day."

"I started with a couple of lines, I sent it to him," Kitchen said. "He finished it but my son wrote one line, he said day you gotta give me props."