Middle school assistant principal charged with home invasion in Troy

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Assistant principal Amy Buchanan works at Smith Middle School in Troy. Friday she was caught red handed breaking into a student’s home, she was after prescription pills and money.

But, some parents having sympathy for the woman saying clearly Mrs. Buchanan has a problem.

“I feel sad for her because she’s a really nice person,” parent Tara Walters said. 

News is spreading quickly, as it does with parents, their kid’s assistant principal arrested and charged.

Troy Police say she had dropped a student off at this home near Square Lake and Livernois then came back later Friday afternoon looking for prescription pills and money. 

“I wish she could have asked for help instead of resort to something like this to ruin her career,” Walters said.

Tara Walters has one student at Smith Middle School where Buchanan works, her two older kids went there too.

She couldn’t believe it when she heard about Buchanan’s arrest. Tara says Buchanan always went above beyond for kids.

“Some of these kids looks to a parent like her as a parent and role model,” she said.

Police say Buchanan only got away with 40-dollars from the house but it landed her in court charged with home invasion in the second degree.

The school tells FOX 2 she is on administrative leave. Fox 2 asked why she was driving a student home from school in the first place, being told that she was doing so with consent from the child’s parent. 

“Breaking into someone home is a criminal act, even though she’s a good person I still believe that,” Tara said.

Now, parents like Tara are trying to find the right words to explain why she won’t be at school Tuesday.