Miracle Field of North Oakland gives kids with special needs a chance to play ball

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The new Miracle Field in North Oakland is a level playing field that literally allows people of all ages and all levels to get it on the game. The players may all have different challenges, but it's the shared goals that bring everyone together. 

Each baseball player in The Miracle League has a buddy. For Zander Schons, it's his 11-year-old brother, Ozzie. Ozzie swings the bat for Zander, they field together and run the bases together if they get a hit. 

"Baseball's the platform for it, but it's really about engaging the community in with our kids and our families and it's just an inclusive environment that makes it fun," says Brent Wirth, president & CEO of Easter Seals Michigan. 

When Zander gets his shot at the ball, his brother is there to make sure he gets a hit and gets to first base. It's the ultimate display of teamwork. 

This field in Orion Township will also support the teams that also play at the Miracle field in Southfield, which is in constant demand. But making this dream a reality wasn't easy. 

"The coolest thing about this project is it [cost] over $400,000 - we didn't spend a dollar of taxpayer dollars. Literally, the residents, the businesses, the people that want to see their kids play baseball stepped up. It's the coolest project I've had a chance to work on in the 7 years I had this job," says Chris Barnett, the Orion Township supervisor. 

The Miracle League is always looking for volunteers to help maintain fields, or help with the buddy system. The idea is that the game is bringing us all together on these fields.