Mirror 'TV trick' at the RNC

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The mirror covered platform is hard to spot from across the room

When it comes to politics, some would say it's all about illusion. The same could be said for live television. 

Both met in Cleveland this week in the form of a large mirror at the Republican National Convention. The mirror covers a large camera podium, and if you're not looking closely you might miss it. 

Using mirrors is nothing new of course - They're often put in place to hide large objects or to make a room feel larger. At the RNC they're being used to cover a camera podium for the pool camera. 

The camera riser is surrounded on all sides by mirrors. 

Our digital reporter first spotted the mirror Monday night. We are guessing there will be a similar set up at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week. If there is, we will stream coverage of that next week. 

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