Missing Osean Lockett found dead in sewer

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Osean Lockett

A man whose badly decomposed body was found in a storm sewer over the weekend has been identified as Osean Lockett. His mother had been looking for her 19-year-old son since he went missing July 8.
"I walked the streets continuously looking for my baby," says Brenda Burton.

On September 5, a body fitting the description was found while the Department of Public Works was cleaning storm drains.

"Today the medical examiner has identified our victim as Mr. Lockett," said Sgt. Michael Woody, Detroit police. The medical examiner is saying that Lockett was found in the drain with multiple gunshot wounds. Detroit police are investigating this as a homicide.

Osean was better known as "Ham" to loved ones.

"Ham is the youngest of eight," Burton says. "He just graduated from high school last year. He was still at home and didn't move away. That's why when he didn't come home; everybody was saying maybe he was hanging out. But he's a good kid; he doesn't hang out like that."

"The victim did sustain multiple gunshot wounds," Woody says. "We are looking at it as a homicide at this point."

"You know what you did," Burton says. "When you take someone's life and put them in a sewer of all places - you have to be the worst. You have no heart at all. Whoever you are, you are feeling it right now.

If you know anything about this crime, call Detroit police at (313) 596-5300.