Missing woman found murdered in Troy home, son arrested

The Troy Police Department was searching for a missing a missing woman Thursday morning when they found her body hidden in a closet. They now say her son is in suspected of killing her.

Troy police were called to a home in the 2100 block of Shelley to check on a woman on Wenesday. They eventually found her body hidden under other items inside a closet of the home. They said there were obvious signs of trauma.

"The trauma to the body was immediately evident," said Troy Lt. Josh Jones.

Jones did not provide additional information on the woman's death. Police were eventually led to her son in Oak Park and he was arrested and named a suspect in her murder.

Troy Police: One in custody after homicide involving 61-year-old woman

One neighbor said he encountered someone outside the mobile home just a few days ago.

"So the other day I come home and there's a guy outside of his trailer yelling, walking around, waving his arms telling me that the devil is inside: 'The devil is in here right here, God is the only way out. OK, thank you brother' or something like that. And then he paced a round outside his house screaming got a double and then he went back inside," said neighbor Paul Anderson. 

Another neighbor who knows both the victim and the suspect said she believes there is some mental health issues with the son.

A man who lived with the woman is cooperating with police but is not a suspect in her death.

Names of both the suspect and the victim have not been released. 

Troy police do a welfare check Wednesday night because --a 61-year-old woman had been missing since Monday.