Missing woman with 5 degrees found murdered; family suspects a cousin

A Detroit family says one of their relatives has been arrested after their missing family member was found dead. 

Forty-year-old Alonda Cathey had been missing for more than 24 hours before her body was discovered in her home on Cooper Street, near Gratiot Avenue and I-94. Her family says their cousin is in police custody.

Cathey's fiance got a fraud alert on their credit card. The card had been used at a liquor store, so her relatives drove to the store to see if they could get any information. That's when they saw her SUV in the parking lot -- and say their cousin was sitting inside of it.

"He kept saying he found her car on a side street and it just didn't add up; it didn't make sense," says Cathey's brother Alonzo. They say the cousin also had her credit card.

Alonda's body was then found inside her house. She had been shot to death.

Missing 40-year-old woman found dead on east side

"She's a hard worker. She has a Masters degree at U of M. She's a hard working individual," Alonzo says. Alonda had five degrees.

Her family says the relative that was in her car had been doing work on her house for her. Police believe money was the motive behind Alonda's murder. Police have confirmed they have a man in custody for being in possession of Alonda's car, but wouldn't say if it was a relative.

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