Model projects Michigan hits coronavirus peak mid-April, 3,007 total deaths

Michigan is projected to reach its peak in resources used to treat coronavirus cases in mid-April and over 3,000 deaths by May, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation forecasts.

IHME, an independent global health research center at the University of Washington, released projections for hospital resources used based on COVID-19 deaths. These models have been shown at White House press briefings.

As of March 31, the center projects Michigan to reach its peak use of hospital resources to treat coronavirus patients in nine days on April 10 -- predicting Michigan will need 14,561 beds and 2,249 ICU beds.

Michigan is projected to reach a peak in coronavirus deaths in 10 days on April 11 at 164 deaths.

The institute also projects that at its peak, Michigan will have a 4,407-bed shortage and a 1,506-ICU bed shortage.

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From there, both deaths and resources to care for COVID-19 patients are projected to taper off. Michigan is estimated to stop needing hospital resources to treat coronavirus cases by May 16 and deaths are expected to stop being reported around May 6.

In all, IHME projects Michigan will see a total of 3,007 coronavirus-related deaths.

On Tuesday, the state reported Michigan's total cases have reached 7,615 and 259 deaths.

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As a whole, the center projects the U.S. to reach peak resource use in 14 days on April 15. IHME estimates 83,967 people will die of the virus and that the last few deaths will be reported around July 15.

IHME says they use data from WHO websites and local and national governments to create these models.

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